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Walking Through Art- The Murals of Cincinnati

Cincinnati has truly evolved into a captivating outdoor art gallery. Over the years, local and international artists have been creating and placing murals all over the city. Almost everywhere you turn, you will see a vibrant painting on the side of a building. I took a self-guided walking tour one morning to take in all the beautiful artwork.

If you visit you can find a self-guided walking map and tour information. A lot of murals are completed by Artworks Cincinnati, which is a non-profit that provides youth the opportunity to take part in completing a mural. So far they have completed 190 permanent outdoor murals.

Blink Cincinnati was found in 2017, and also brought in artists from around the world to create murals. It's one of the largest art events in the nation that includes light projections, immersive art experiences, and murals. The whole city becomes an sensational walking art gallery.

Here are some of my favorite murals

Hello beautiful, eye catching mural. Located in OTR, it's hard to pass this piece of art up. This was created for Blink in 2019 by a Polish street artist.

The Secret Garden by Natalie Rak.


This mural is also located in OTR on the side of the Rookwood Pottery. I love the colors and shapes they used for this. It was created by Tina Westerkamp.

The Migration of Tradition

1920 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202


The front of Rookwood Pottery also has a large mural created by Christian Dallas Art. It's such beautiful addition along side the above mural. It also reflects the color palate Rookwood Pottery uses. This is right next to Findlay Market, which is a bonus!

Rookwood Revival

1920 Race St. Cincinnati, OH 45202


Cincinnati is well known for it's microbreweries and brewing heritage. You will find this mural across the street from Rhinegiest.


1919 Elm Street


Can you say photo op? This mural is big, colorful and striking to the eye. With the use of beautiful colors, mandalas and shapes, you just cant look away. The center is a Goddess looking over and protecting the city, which I absolutely love.

Visionary Realty Threshold

1005 Walnut St. 45202


Cincinnati celebrates the legacy of Kenner Toys with this mural. You will reminiscing on your childhood looking up at this.

Cincinnati Toy Heritage

23 West Court St.


Any Fiona lovers out there? You will need to visit this one of the Cincinnati zoo. Fiona is our beloved hippo that was born 6 weeks premature and survived. Another photo op, unless there's a car in the way and you have to get a picture by her butt. I'm still okay with that!

Fiona and Bibi at the Cincinnati Zoo

910 Race St. Cincinnati, OH 45202


If you're a Charley Harper fan, you'll love this mural. Painted by Artworks Cincinnati, they gave life back to the historic City Barn that was built in 1896 to house horses that used pull the early street cars. Charley Harper is also a famous, modernist artist that studied and taught in here Cincinnati. It's also in close proximity to the zoo, which is so fitting for this colorful mural.

Charley Harper's Beguiled by the Wild

3512 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45220


I love the humor and quirkiness in this next one. Painted by Artworks Cincinnati in the Camp Washington neighborhood. The cow he's petting is in memory of Cincinnati Freedom- a cow that escaped a slaughterhouse located near Camp Washington in 2002. The cow jumped from a standstill position over a 6ft fence, and took off. It took 11 days for her to be caught, even after placing traps and police running around tranquillizer guns. She lived out the rest of her days at farm sanctuary in New York.

Campy Washington

3025 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225


There's so many murals in Cincinnati, it's hard to pick favorites, but there they are. Do you have a favorite mural? Let me know in the comments!


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