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Apple Orchards, Pumpkin Butter and Homemade Jelly- Your guide to A&M Farms

With the first "official" day of fall being a couple of days away, there's no better way than spending the morning walking through rows and rows of apple trees. I also believe this was the chilliest day we've had recently, so that also gave me all the fall feels.

A&M Farm Orchard is one of the top places to pick apples close to Cincinnati. It's absolutely

gorgeous and full of enchanting apple trees.

Apples ripen at different times, so it's important to check their Facebook for updates on when to go. Today, we were able to pick our own Grimes and Jonathan apples. We mostly got Jonathan apples because they're good for cooking and freezing. They have the orchard rows numbered and tell you what number you'll find the best apples.

Before going into the orchard, you must purchase a bag to place your apples in. Their options are $5, $10, or $20. We went with the $10 bag, and got a ton of apples! A lot of families with young kids had wagons to pull them around in (so cute!). If you're wondering, this is a dog-friendly place as well!

We got there when they first opened at 9 am (they are open 9a-5p), which I recommend, especially on a weekend. It was starting to get busy when were leaving around 11am. They also have pumpkins available for purchase, along with squash, homemade jellies, apple butter, pumpkin butter, bundles of already picked apples, and fall decor.

From previous reviews, they also make the best apple cider around! It's not available yet, but I will try to make it back to grab some!

Some tips on picking apples!

- If you're unsure if they're ripe, pick the apples furthest from the base of the tree. Ripe apples are crisp and firm to the touch.

- Don't pull, but twist the apple off of the tree. Keeping the stem on will keep it fresher longer.

- Try not to pinch the apple because it may cause bruising.

- Shaking or climbing the tree can cause damage to it, and the ability to produce fruit again.

- Make great memories and take a lot of pictures!

- Curbside pickup is also available!

What are you planning on making with your apples? What's your favorite fall tradition? Let me know in the comments!



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