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Have the Perfect Date Night at This Charming Farm Near Cincinnati

Hidden Valley Orchards in Lebanon, Ohio is the perfect little getaway for a date night or even a family night. It's mostly known for its fresh produce market and U-Pick events, but I was so surprised to really see how much more there really is!

My husband and I started our night walking through the picturesque blooming orchard. I was honestly surprised we were the only ones walking through on a Friday night, but rain was in the forecast and we did have to cut our walk short because it started raining pretty hard.

Even though we didn't get far, we still had an amazing experience. The landscape of the farm is so incredible and looks like it belongs on a postcard! It really was an amazing place to take some pictures.

They have different varieties of crops, orchards, and even a vineyard! It was the perfect night to admire everything turning green again on the farm!

The Crate room is at HVO is such a unique experience in itself. It opens to the outside with a large garage door to a patio overlooking the orchard. I tried their house-made hard cider and highly recommend it! They also serve beer on tap, cocktails, and farm-fresh food. There will also be live music starting May-October. Seating is limited because of social distancing, but you are welcome to bring your own fold-out chair and find the perfect spot on the lawn or even the orchard!

The Market is the perfect place to find farm-fresh produce, locally made jelly, honey, jams, butters, and even BBQ sauce! It also has a bakery with freshly made desserts and even a "sips" spot that sells coffee, lattes, teas, and slushies.

The Coop Barn is the perfect stop for soft-serve ice cream and other seasonal treats. There's also a playground right next to it!

The springtime is truly magical here, and I highly recommend going soon to see the blooms!

We really had the perfect date night here! It was so much fun!

Find HVO here: 5474 North, OH-48, Lebanon, OH 45036

Check out their website and Facebook page for hours and events!

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to share!

Safe and Happy Travels! <3

- Britny



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