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Stay in an Enchanting Hobbit-Inspired Hole Located near Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio

I've always found Hocking Hills State Park to be so magical. It's full of incredible rocky cliffs, mossy trails, waterfalls, and stone bridges that are straight out of a storybook. Hocking Hills is located in Southeastern Ohio about 1 hour from Columbus and 2.5 hours from Cincinnati. When Nature Mystique Retreat contacted me and asked me to stay in one of their Hobbit-inspired underground houses it was a dream come true. As always, the opinions found here are my own.

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are my most loved books and movie series. When I think about Hobbit Holes, I think about charming little underground houses nestled on the side of a hill surrounded by nature. Hobbits simply want to live a peaceful life and that's what you'll find staying at Magical Earth Retreat.

Underground houses are more sustainable and eco-friendly. The surrounding soil of these homes helps keep them insulated which cuts down on heating and cooling prices. The materials used to build them are also significantly reduced compared to above-ground homes.

Magical Earth Retreat Hocking Hills Hobbit House
The four underground homes and fire pit area

Nature Mystique Retreat is located in the hilly countryside of Creola, OH. It's only 3 miles away from Hocking Hills State Park. When I drove up the driveway, I felt like I was transported into Hobbiton. There are four underground houses available to stay in. They each have their own name and special theme. We stayed in The Forest which has a whimsical green door.

So charming!
wagons are available to help you transport your luggage

The Forest has a queen size bed and is perfect for a couples getaway. There are more options in the other underground houses which can sleep up to four people. The chandeliers, reclaimed wood ceiling, and electric fireplace really give it ambiance and charm.

Hocking Hills Hobbit House
The couch is the perfect spot to read a book, have a glass of wine, watch TV, or play a board game. Wifi and streaming services are also available.

Hocking Hills Hobbit House
The memory foam bed and linens were so comfortable. We slept so well!

The kitchenette is fully equipped with a sink, small fridge, microwave, stove top, Keurig, utensils, and everything you need to make second breakfast!

I love having all the supplies I need to cook while on vacation! It's a great way to save money while traveling.
Check out that little window above the sink! It has an amazing view of the hills outside

Hocking Hills Ohio Hobbit House
This wine barrel table came all the way from Napa Valley!

The bathroom is an experience in itself. The textured floor feels so good on your feet and the shower feels like something out of a spa. You'll also find a unique wine barrel sink that adds to the charm. There is a window in the bathroom but it does have a shade you can pull down.

I really enjoyed peaceful mornings outside while sipping on coffee

All of the underground houses have a wood-fired cedar hot tub. This was my first time using one of these and I'm hooked! It's easy to use- all you do is place a piece of wood in the stove, light it on fire, and wait for the water to warm up. All the wood and fire starters are supplied. It takes about 2-4 hours for the water to heat up based on the temperature outside. Make sure to occasionally check on the wood while heating it so it doesn't burn out. My favorite time to get in the hot tub was at night and seeing all the subtle fairy lights lit up down the walkway.

Hocking Hills Hobbit Hole
Watching the sunset from the hot tub was so relaxing!

The smell of the fire going and cedar from the hot tub is heavenly. The smell of cedar is used as a source of aroma therapy for mental clarity and promoting relaxation of the body. Soaking in this hot tub was the most relaxing experience I've had in a while.

Nature Mystique Retreat
The warm glow from the lights at night

The hot tubs are located in front of each house, which I was unsure about because I like privacy. It ended up being fine and I felt very comfortable since there's a small hill separating the houses and you can't see one another. The houses above the hill can't see down into the hot tubs either. There is a chance someone can walk past your rental to get to the parking area. To avoid that, make sure to book the Dalia or Aspen since they're further away and no one will walk past it.

There's also a cedar sauna onsite for an additional fee and reservations are needed. The breathtaking view from the sauna looks out to the pond and hills. The benefits of using a sauna are improved mood, better sleep, relaxation, and circulation. Magical Earth Retreat really thought of everything to make their guests feel relaxed and at peace.

Hocking Hills Nature Mystique Retreat
The sauna is located near the heart-shaped pond
Hocking Hills Nature Mystique Retreat
Look at that view!

The rooms come with soft fluffy robes to wear outside for the hot tub or sauna. I do recommend bringing slippers that can get wet and you can slide on and off easily.

Things to do Nearby

  • Logan, OH is about 20 minutes away from the retreat and has a grocery store, restaurants, and shopping.

  • Amazing hiking is only eight minutes away! Ash Cave is one of my favorite hiking spots in Hocking Hills and it's so close to Nature Mystiqe Retreat.

  • Old Man's Cave hiking and Visitor Center are about 20 minutes away.

  • Cantwell Cliffs and the Rock House hike are about 30 minutes away.

  • Le Petit Chevalier Vineyards and Farm Winery are only 13 minutes away (I haven't been here yet, but will definitely be going next time!).

Ash Cave Hocking Hills
A dusting of snow at Ash Cave
Cantwell Cliffs
The incredible rock formations at Cantwell Cliffs
Hocking Hills
Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave

More to come!

As soon as next week, unique Moroccan-inspired Adobes will be available to stay in. These colorful adobes are located above the underground houses on the hill. I was able to tour them both and will say they are stunning and just as cozy. The Moroccan decorations are so beautiful! You'll find beautiful tile work in the bathroom and special details such as hand-painted dishes.

Nature Mystique Retreat
Moroccan Adobes
I love the stone wall and colorful pillows
The blue cabinets are stunning!

The reason behind the Hobbit-inspired houses and Moroccan Adobes comes from the owner's own travel experiences. They also have plans to do weddings and build treehouses in the near future- so keep that in mind!

Nature Mystique Retreat is an incredible getaway experience you will never forget!

Book your stay today!

Stay in a Hobbit inspired House at Nature Mystique Retreat
Thank you so much for my stay Nature Mystique Retreat! I can't wait to visit again!

If you have any questions about staying here feel free to reach out to me!



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