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Why You should Visit Westfield New York- The Secret East Coast Napa Valley

If you love vineyards that go beyond the eye can see, wine, grape juice, beaches and charming lighthouses, then you'll love Westfield, NY. I accidently stumbled across this area when I was searching for somewhere unique to stay along Lake Erie. It's about a 5 hour drive from Cincinnati, OH and made the perfect little weekend getaway.

Where to Stay - Barcelona Lakeside Bed and Breakfast

We stayed in one of the most beautiful B&Bs I could ever imagine. When we arrived, I felt instant peace. This B&B sits right on a vineyard, overlooks lake Erie and the historic Barcelona lighthouse. If you're looking for somewhere to relax, this is definitely where you want to be.

I loved this swing hanging from the tree. They even had a hammock to lay in right next to the vineyard.

This place also had a beautiful garden to walk through.

Where we enjoyed the most delicious, homemade breakfast every morning.

Things to do

There's a public beach right across from the B&B! We had a picnic on the beach, soaked in the sunshine and went swimming.

Take a bike ride through the beautiful country side and vineyards. Stop at couple wineries and do a wine tasting!

The Johnson Estate winery, Mazza Chautauqua cellars, and Noble Winery are all really close together, so that's where we went. There's so many more that I wish we would've had time visit!

If you're on bike, the Noble Winery is uphill, but the views are amazing!

We drove 40 minutes to visit Presque Isle State Park in Erie county Pennsylvania. This park is full of sandy beaches, lighthouses, bike paths, camping, kayaking and much more.

The ultimate day trip from Westfield

Niagara falls is 1hr and 30min away, and worth a day trip! We stayed on the Canada side, which has a better view and more activities to do. We walked across the bridge to the American side and did the Cave of the Winds excursion. This was so much fun! You descend down an elevator with disposable sandals and a poncho. You walk on a deck and get up close and personal with a waterfall.

If you don't like the water, this isn't for you! It's so misty and windy. There's even a "hurricane deck" that you stand on that feels like you're in the middle of a hurricane. It could be a little scary for some, but I loved it!


Here's a picture from the boat tour we did. It's crazy how close you get to the falls.

I'm so happy we went on this trip! It was the perfect balance of relaxation and adventures.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you ever been on a spontaneous weekend getaway? If so, where did you go??



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