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You Can Now Visit an Igloo Rooftop Bar in Cincinnati!

There have been so many changes this season due to COVID, but I have one thing that may bring some cheer to your life! A heated igloo rooftop bar is now a thing at Braxton Brewing in Covington, Ky!

The igloos hold up to 8 people and are so cozy! They're fully furnished with comfortable seating, a table, and even your own personal heater with a blanket!

My husband and I made a date night out of this and it didn't disappoint!

You can make your reservation on their website. It's $30 to reserve, and that money goes towards a credit for your drinks! When you get there, you can also order food from Parlor on Seventh- a nearby restaurant and have it delivered right to your igloo!

Available dates are going fast, so make your reservations now!

Have you been to an igloo bar, or plan on going?? Let me know in the comments!

Happy adventures & stay cozy! <3




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