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The Best Hidden Gems in Cincinnati, OH

Recently, I've been on the lookout for some of Cincinnati's most unique places. If you're from here, you won't need to travel far for a new adventure. If you're visiting, you'll love these one-of-a-kind places Cincinnati has to offer!

Spring Grove Cemetary and Arboretum

This cemetery was found in 1845, is the 3rd largest cemetery in the United States, and considered a National Historic Landmark. It sits on 733 acres of land full of mature trees, gardens, and lakes. Many people come here for walks, picnics, pictures, and even have weddings here. The landscaping is so beautiful, It felt like stepping into a fairy tale. I highly recommend coming here and just walk around, you won't be disappointed!

The Village of Mariemont

Visit the most walkable community in Cincinnati. This quaint village is located on the east side of Cincinnati and is nothing but charm. Here you can admire English-Tudor style architecture, beautiful parks, shopping, and restaurants. Stay at the Mariemont Inn and see an indie film at the Mariemont Theatre. Finish the night walking next door to Graeter's and enjoy handcrafted French Pot ice cream.

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American Sign Museum

Walk through the history of sign making at the one-of-a-kind American Sign Museum. This museum houses signs from the 1870s to1970. I love how a lot of the signs are on "Signville", a faux street that makes you feel like you're walking through a little town. There's also a spot where you can view through a window of workers restoring neon signs. Check Groupon for $5 off your admission.

St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

The cathedral's architecture was inspired by the Notre Dame in Paris. It's located in Covington, KY, and opened in 1901. It features eighty-two stained glass windows that were made in Munich, Germany. Ohio's largest stained glass window is also located here, standing sixty-seven feet high. This is a truly, gorgeous Cathedral to visit.

Arnold's Bar and Grill

Arnold's opened in 1861, and is the city's oldest continually operating bar. During prohibition, the bar operated as a speakeasy, and some say that they used the bathtub on the 2nd floor for moonshine production. I love how rustic and unchanged this place has remained, with some original flooring and tables from the 1910s. It also has a courtyard where you can listen to live music Wed-Sat. Some people even say is haunted. Just go here, it's a must if you're vising Cincinnati.

Chateau Laroche

This castle's construction started in the 1920s and was built by War World I veteran, Harry Andrews. It's located next to the Little Miami River, where he pulled stones to build it. When those started to run short, he made bricks from cement and milk cartons. It took him over 50 years. I loved the stones that are located in the upstairs walls, which are from locations he visited around the world. There are reports of this castle being haunted, and to be honest, I felt unexplained uneasiness when I was inside.

Have you been to any of these places, or plan to go? What places do you consider hidden gems in Cincinnati? Let me know in the comments!


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